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The Ten

July 17, 2007

College Humor is a humor site with a college audience. I’m serious! It has pretty funny crap, including pictures and videos, and their articles are outstanding. It’s not a movie site, really, so I haven’t mentioned it here before. But now it’s listed in my Blogroll. (See right.) (No, your other right.)

A while ago, I signed up with CH in a link-swapping deal. After signing up, I realized they wanted me to send THEM traffic, and then they’d send me some. Sure, that’ll happen. Lots of people come here first and need a new place to go to.

Anyway, I got an email from them today wondering where the heck their promised traffic was. They said, “According to our stats, you owe us 6,470 clicks (from the past 120 days).”

They also gave me a “leaked” clip of a movie coming out in just a few weeks, The Ten from David Wain of The State and Wet Hot American Summer; it’s about the Ten Commandments and if they had been meant literally. (Which in itself sounds like a dopey comedy premise – don’t tons of people already believe that?)

They gave me the clip so I’d post it here and drive traffic to them, I guess. I looked at the clip. It sucks. The movie looks AWFUL. It’s supposed to be a comedy, but it’s painfully unfunny. I mean, cringe-inducing crap.

Take a look for yourself. Stupid College Humor.

Here’s the URL. I can’t embed it here; probably because WordPress sucks, too.


Rocky Balboa

November 28, 2006

Rocky BalboaI’ve seen the trailer for the new Rocky film a few times now. (You can see it here.) And so help me, the thing looks good. It looks very good. It looks, to me, to be in the spirit of the first couple of Rockys.

When you think about it, what else could this movie be about, if not Rocky’s lumbering return to the ring? Sure, he returned in Rocky V, even after taking far too many shots to the head, but it wasn’t the same. Stallone wasn’t quite self-deprecating enough. This one, if the trailer is any indication, does rely on plenty of Rocky’s-an-old-fart jokes, which is fine.

I’m telling you, every time I see this trailer, my heart soars. It’s ROCKY! Why, he’s practically a Balboa Constrictor, and wouldn’t THAT have made a cool ring name?

Sure, the movie could still stink – I wouldn’t be terribly shocked – but on the basis of this one glimpse, it looks damn good. And no Talia Shire to bring down the acting! Also no Sage Stallone as Rocky’s kid, but that’s okay. What we do get is Burt Young as Paulie and Tony Burton as Duke, his cut man, both back for their fifth turn in the ring. I like that Rocky looks pudgy and riddled with oldness. I like that the movie’s about continuing to chase your dream even when those around you say you shouldn’t bother with it.

So if the movie is one-tenth as good as the trailer makes it out to be, I’ll be happy. Opening December 22, in case you didn’t know.

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Trailers: Against all odds, Stiller brings the funny

November 5, 2006

Saw trailers for the following:

Apocalypto. Looked pretty impressive, but remember – it’s in Mayan with subtitles. I hope the subtitles are in English.

Casino Royale. I’m really ambivalent about this one. I’m not sold on Daniel Craig as Bond; he kind of looks.. well, ineffectual. Not dashing. Not snarky. Not heroic. Barely there. And what’s up with Judi Dench? How can she be the same character in this when the movie’s about how Bond BECAME a 00? That would mean she was M at the beginning and then many years later but not for a long time in between, when Bernard Lee had the role. Odd.

The Fountain. Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz, but it might as well be Ralph Fiennes and Helena Bonham Carter. If you know what I mean.

Night at the Museum. This stars Ben Stiller, which means it should suck – but it doesn’t. It looks AWESOME.

Reno 911: Miami. This is at least as good as the series, which is a surprise.

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. Eh, this’ll be okay.

Turistas. Another dumb horror. Kids get kilt.

There was another one with Taye Diggs about a guy who keeps living the same day over and over, but it wasn’t a comedy. It’s also apparently not on IMDb, which is a little frightening. Anyone know it?