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51 – Scary Movie

December 20, 2000

No, it’s not a re-do of that 1983 Dudley Moore epic “Romantic Comedy.” This one’s in the tradition of Airplane! et. al, as nouveau-horror movies like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer are gleefully lampooned. Oh, and there are references to The Matrix as well, and other movies whose names escape me at the moment. The film is the handiwork of Marlon and Shawn Wayans, and it’s as if they took the scripts of the gee-aren’t-we-hip horror movies of recent years and shot the hell out of them. Ripped asunder, these scripts are funnier than ever. You’ve got the opening scene of Scream where the sexy starlet is terrorized by the guy on the phone who can see her, you’ve got the scene in I Know What You Did Last Summer where the joyriding kids run over someone, plus you have scenes from all those old horror movies where the hero/heroine is running up the stairs, chased by a madman (Halloween comes to mind).

Your main characters are an amalgam of the kids from IKWYDLS and the Scream monstrosities. You remember: the Romeo, the virgin, the slut, the BMOC (big man on campus), and at least one African American tossed in for some good ol’ ethnic diversity. You see, while the Scream series thought it was poking fun at other, more revered horror films while not taking itself seriously, you don’t need to have Protean intelligence to realize that the in-jokes were just dumb and overwrought, like elitist coeds snickering at something they didn’t understand. Well turn those frowns upside-down, folks! The Wayans boys know what they’re doing. The simple vacuousness of the characters in those lesser flicks is exaggerated perfectly in Scary Movie. There’s not a sacred cow left untipped!

I won’t delve into the plot, because it follows the Scream crap almost bloodstain for bloodstain. Oh, and they introduced a whole stoner subplot that had me in stitches, too. This is lowbrow humor executed perfectly. I might not care a whit for Scary Movie in a few years, but for now it’s one of the hippest, funniest movies of the year.

Scary Movie: 8