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Harry Potter versus the Occult

July 16, 2007

Ever since the first HP book, there have been these silly charges of occultism flying, that JK Rowling is really trying to convert kids to Satanism, that the entire series is bad, bad, bad and anti-Christian, and so on. All silly, right? Well!

Take this quiz and tell me what you think!


Crude-drawing movie quiz

June 29, 2007

Over at Film Geek, there’s an interesting, clever quiz idea; several stick-figure-level sketches are given, and you have to figure out which movie’s being represented.

The awesome news is that the movies aren’t obscure and the drawings aren’t indecipherable.

Give it a try! How many can you figure out?

Movie Midpoints

June 22, 2007

Over at, there’s another fun little test: Movie Midpoints. I call this a test, and not a quiz, because it’s harrrrrrrrrrd. You’re given a thumbnail of a scene that occurs at the exact midway point of a movie, and you’re supposed to name the movie.

It’s even harder than it sounds. First, the pictures are pretty small (duh, it’s a thumbnail), but they’re not always very descriptive of the movie. And heck, maybe you haven’t even seen the movie, in which case you’re up the creek.

Movie quizzes

March 29, 2007

Quizzes are fun, aren’t they? Especially movie quizzes. Everyone loves those, and there’s zillions of them out there.

First, we have a quiz on Scary Little Girls, i.e., little tykes in horror movies.

Then there’s Name that Movie, in which you play a sound clip and then pick which movie it’s from.

And Name that Movie Part II.