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48 – Gone in Sixty Seconds

December 12, 2000

Tick… tick… tick… 50 cars, 72 hours. You do the math. Nicholas Cage plays a retired car thief (!) who is forced to pull One Last Job because the local hood with the obligatory indecipherable Anglo-Saxon Euro-trash accent will kill his brother. This plot DOES seem familiar, like the boxer coming out of retirement for One Last Fight or the guy who’s been released from jail but has to pull off One Last Heist to satisfy some lowlife. Anyway, there’s your plot. The man’s promised 50 cars to some other lowlife, and naturally no one around can steal them as quickly as the now-retired Memphis Raines (Cage). Oh, he’s clean now. Yep, works at a lonely gas station. He’s in charge of the go-carts. This is what goes for a car thieves’ retirement home in Hollywood.

Undaunted, Raines calls in his old cronies. Oops, that one’s dead. Oops, that one’s absconded with money to Florida. Oops, that one went with him. And so the list dwindles, and he’s forced to deal with his younger brother Kip (Giovanni Ribisi) and his own little gang of would-be thieves. Oh, and there’s Robert Duvall, playing the usual Old Man of the Gang, the Voice of Reason; and Angelina Jolie, the requisite ex-flame of Memphis – reluctantly, she agrees to help. Surprisingly, there’s unfinished business between them!

I’ll leave it to you to decide whether Raines gets the job done. But in between there are about a million car crashes, a few good throwaway lines, and of course the equation of stealing automobiles to sex. If this movie had been released in the 1970’s (and believe it or not, there WAS a movie called Gone in Sixty Seconds that came out in 1974), the trailer for it would contain words like Thrills! Chills! And Spills! There are a few quirky things tossed into the script like so many red herrings before, but they’re only there to make the movie look different than any other cheesy car chase film from the 1950’s to the present

As for the acting, it’s a mixed bag. Duvall’s his usual stalwart self, although he does seem to be playing the same patriarchal roles over and over. Jolie isn’t as prominent as I would have expected, but I think this was filmed before her Oscar-winning turn in Girl, Interrupted. And Cage? Well, Nic Cage can act when he wants to. Here, I assume he didn’t want to.

Gone in Sixty Seconds: 6