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Is the new Fletch a go? Or no.

June 13, 2007

Earlier this year, there was a report that said that the creator of Scrubs, Bill Lawrence, was going to direct the new Fletch movie, titled Fletch Won. But apparently that ain’t happening; instead, it looks like Steve Pink, the director of Accepted and cowriter of (among other things) High Fidelity.

And apparently, the dude playing Irwin R. Fletcher will be Joshua Jackson, the talentless hack of such classics as The Skulls and Cursed. Oh, and Dawson’s Creek, a veritable hotbed for master thespians.

Pink sounds like a good choice, in that High Fidelity was well written (as was Grosse Point Blank, another one he wrote that starred John Cusack). But I don’t think Jackson will be all that impressive. Fletch, as written by novelist Gregory McDonald, is a smart, funny, above all clever detective. Even if he seems clueless, he always knows a lot more than he lets on. Chevy Chase was perfect in the first two Fletch movies, although he’s a mite too old to play the role now, but why go to a vapid blank slate like Jackson? Ick.