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And Then There Were None

March 5, 2000

This is the granddaddy (or grandmommy, since it’s from Agatha Christie’s novel) of all the put-a-bunch-of-people-in-one-isolated-location-and-kill-them-off-one-by-one movies. The isolated location in this case is a small island, and 10 people have been invited to stay the weekend by an unseen guest. The people are always disparate, too, from all walks of life. This time, for example, we have a doctor, a retired general, a judge, a reporter, etc. All of the guests have, in the eyes of the invisible host, caused the deaths of others, whether directly or indirectly. Since they have been judged as murderers by the host, they are all slated to die, one by one, in creative ways.

Now, admittedly that in itself doesn’t sound all that mysterious. After all, you know who the bad guy is – the host, right? Maybe! Maybe not. Maybe one of the guests is the host. Maybe they’re not really dead. As more and more die off, you’ll find yourself second-guessing yourself, as in “Damn, I thought it was the doctor!” or something along those lines. (I’m not saying it’s NOT the doctor, though!) There are myriad twists to this tale, you see, and you can either spend your time trying to guess the movie before it unfolds or simply let it be.

The formula’s been copied a million times, and the original story itself was remade three times as “Ten Little Indians.” That title refers to a table setting containing ten little Indian figurines. As each person is killed, a figurine mysteriously topples over. Spooky!

If you’re a fan of mysteries or of tortuous (but not tortured) plot lines, this is your movie! Old, but hardly dated.