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Jack Palance and other news

November 11, 2006

Jack Palance dies. Curly was 87 years old. Played a lot of bad guys in a lot of truly bad movies, but he’s best known for the brief renaissance he had near the end of his career with City Slickers. Who could forget those one-handed pushups, right?

Office Space recut as a slasher pic. (Well, a preview for such a movie.)

For those of you on the lookout for oddball horror films (that is, not the typical remakes or other slashers), there’s been some decent buzz over Unknown, wherein a bunch of guys wake up in a warehouse in the middle of the desert, and none of them are sure why they’re there. Intriguing; AICN has a write-up on it here.


Tom Hanks’ hair

May 22, 2006

This link needs little explanation. Tom Hanks’ hair throughout his career!