Know what finally comes out this week? Cloverfield, that invading-monster story from J. J. Abrahms. Like other films before it, Cloverfield has been able to build up phenomenal word of mouth: What’s the monster? What’s going to happen?

There have been fake websites purporting to be “official” movie sites, MySpace pages for some of the characters, and other sites relating to various aspects of the movie (such as one for a drink product, Slusho). Some of these sites are legit, containing actual clues about the movie, and others are decoys.

One site that’s trying to compile all the real clues is the aptly titled Cloverfield Clues. This site contains photos, links to trailers, and of course any kind of media coverage. Boy, you can’t buy PR like that, huh?

Still and all, the hype has worked – at least for me. I am stoked to go see it, and it’s mainly because of this word of mouth. If I thought it was just going to be another big monster-attack movie, I might not be so keen to see it, but I’m intrigued – is there more to the story? Will we find out where the monster came from? Will it attack elsewhere, or just New York City?

One troubling aspect might be the handheld-camera angle. Look! An explosion over there! VROOOOOOOOM and suddenly you’re barfing up a lung because of the hyperactive zoom lens and hyperkinetic character onscreen running madly toward (not away) from the locus of boom.

Anyone else want to see it? Let me put it this way. There are some out there to whom this movie will never appeal; they just don’t go for visceral entertainment, popcorn movies, etc. But for the rest of you, given a choice between seeing it in a theater or on DVD, you really should consider the former. I watch a buttload of movies at home, see, but there are certain types that are simply better on the bigger screen: movies that take place in space or underwater, or on a desert, or have lots of explosions, and so on. Unless you have a big-screen TV, it ain’t gonna be as exciting at home.


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