10 Weirdest Movies

Listverse has an interesting… well, list. A list of the ten weirdest movies of alla time.

I’ve seen exactly half of them: Brazil, Donnie Darko, Naked Lunch, Mulholland Drive, and A Clockwork Orange.

They list Jacob’s Ladder as a notable other weird movie. I’d definitely place that among my weirdest, for sure. Heck, we could also add Being John Malkoovich, or even the recent The Fountain, directed by Darren Aronofsky, who also directed Pi, number six on this list.

I bet there are others, too, that are escaping my mind right now…


2 Responses to “10 Weirdest Movies”

  1. wabbs Says:

    Weirdest? Not really, have seen some that were weirder, but I think that some of these are among the worst movies ever made.

    A Clockwork Orange, while acclaimed, was a BAD adaptation of the novel that never quite made the point, IMO. I do have to laugh when I think about the licensing of the song “Singing In The Rain”, did the rights owner have any idea of what they were going to do with it when they took the cash? lol Not exactly the kind of exposure I would have wanted for MY song, if you get my drift. (Not exactly Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds, was it?) 🙂

    As for the others, most are “B” (or even lower) grade movies, IMO, so kind of hard to say that the article’s picks are any better than any one else’s. I think your pick of Jacob’s Ladder is better suited for being weird. I think there is too much personal taste reflected in this list to be more than just “interesting.” I, personally, would put most of the “chick flicks” in the “weird movie” category, but then again, thats just me. 🙂

  2. frothy Says:

    That’s kind of the point, about the song’s appearing in ACO. It was the juxtoposition that made it work. Playing a hard-ass heavy metal tune would have been boring and uncreative.

    Lists like these are supposed to be personal. They can’t be objective, certainly, because “weird” is subjective unto itself.

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