That’s no moon.

Post title has nothing to do with post content. Ask your doctor if Frothy Ruminations is right for you.

So apparently there’s this big, super-sekrit movie coming out in January from JJ Abrahms, the guy who’s behind Lost and is involved with the new Star Trek movie, whenever it comes out. Anyway, the plot’s under wraps, the cast is under a gag order, and the damn thing’s not even titled yet. But they have geeks working on a viral marketing campaign, so the trailer’s been released. You have to check out this trailer. The movie might be a bomb, but I like the concept. The trailer, if nothing else, is pretty frightening, which is probably exactly what they’re shooting for…

Next, The Times Online (that would be the London Times, you revolting colonies) has a piece on the top 50 movie robots. Big surprise? How about C-3P0 (not C3-PO) at number 45? 45? It’s C-3P0! He’ll talk your ass off! C’mon, he has to rank higher. Has to.

And in case you haven’t seen this yet, here’s JK Rowling talking about what happens to the HP characters after the final Harry Potter book. Note: Spoilers abound for Book 7. Do not click this if you haven’t read the last book and do plan to

Here’s an idiotic article from ABC News about Coreys Haim and Feldman. Over and over, I’m reading that these two nimrods were “pioneers” in the field of being a child star, that they “have been called the original child stars …” Wha? These two dorks were popular in the 1980s. Does ABC believe no films were made, starring kids, before then? What about Tatum O’Neal? 1970s. Let’s go back further! How about Bobby Driscoll, the star of Treasure Island and Song of the South, who died of a drug overdose in 1968? There have been a LOT of child stars gone wrong over the years – to say these knuckleheads are the first is asinine.


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