The Ten

College Humor is a humor site with a college audience. I’m serious! It has pretty funny crap, including pictures and videos, and their articles are outstanding. It’s not a movie site, really, so I haven’t mentioned it here before. But now it’s listed in my Blogroll. (See right.) (No, your other right.)

A while ago, I signed up with CH in a link-swapping deal. After signing up, I realized they wanted me to send THEM traffic, and then they’d send me some. Sure, that’ll happen. Lots of people come here first and need a new place to go to.

Anyway, I got an email from them today wondering where the heck their promised traffic was. They said, “According to our stats, you owe us 6,470 clicks (from the past 120 days).”

They also gave me a “leaked” clip of a movie coming out in just a few weeks, The Ten from David Wain of The State and Wet Hot American Summer; it’s about the Ten Commandments and if they had been meant literally. (Which in itself sounds like a dopey comedy premise – don’t tons of people already believe that?)

They gave me the clip so I’d post it here and drive traffic to them, I guess. I looked at the clip. It sucks. The movie looks AWFUL. It’s supposed to be a comedy, but it’s painfully unfunny. I mean, cringe-inducing crap.

Take a look for yourself. Stupid College Humor.

Here’s the URL. I can’t embed it here; probably because WordPress sucks, too.


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