All-time box-office champs, adjusted

Box-office Mojo has a list of the top money-makers of all time, adjusted for inflation. You might be surprised to learn that the top film isn’t a recent one – it’s 1939’s Gone with the Wind.

So how many of the big blockbusters have you seen? I’ve seen 88.

Man, there are some surprises on there. House of Wax?


3 Responses to “All-time box-office champs, adjusted”

  1. Lisa Ann Says:

    I LOVED House of Wax. Especially when the creep snipped off her finger through the grill in the ground at the gas station! ~LAB

  2. Lisa Ann Says:

    Oh, NOW I click the link and it’s the 1953 movie. Guess I’ll have to rent it.

  3. frothy Says:

    I admit I liked that one part, and Paris Hilton dying, but overall it was pretty bad.

    The original one has a completely different feel to it.

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