AFI reveals new Top 100 list

The American Film Institute has come up with a new list of the top 100 American films of all time, ten years after their first list.

The entire list can be found here. There are plenty of new entrants, as more-recent films have been included.

Moving way up on the list (as compared with the 1997 list) are such films as The Searchers (up 84 slots, to 12), City Lights (up 65 slots, to 11), Vertigo (up 52 slots, to 9), and Raging Bull (up 20 slots, to 4). Dropping a bit were Bridge on the River Kwai (down 23 slots, to 36), The African Queen (down 48 slots, to 65!), and Ben-Hur (down 28 slots, to 100)

1. How many of these have you seen?
2. What movie or movies have been left off this list?

By my count, I’ve seen 88 of them; it was easier to count the ones I hadn’t seen! The twelve I haven’t seen are:

4. Raging Bull
6. Gone with the Wind
18. The General
23. The Grapes of Wrath
37. The Best Years of Our Lives
40. The Sound of Music
47. A Streetcar Named Desire
53. The Deer Hunter
63. Caberet
82. Sunrise
90. Swing Time
91. Sophie’s Choice

One omission that springs to mind is Mean Streets, or even Dog Day Afternoon or Young Frankenstein.


6 Responses to “AFI reveals new Top 100 list”

  1. chrisv Says:

    Presumably “The General” is the Buster Keaton movie? Pretty much his masterpiece, definitely see that. I’d love to see it with live music, but I’ve never gotten the chance.

    What is “Sullivan’s Travels?”

    Why is “Goodfellas” mired at 92? Much better than “Raging Bull” to my way of thinking.

    “Lord of the Rings”? I dunno, good movie but it seems too early to include it.

  2. frothy Says:

    Yes, The General is Buster Keaton. Sullivan’s Travels is a 1941 Preston Sturges comedy, starring Joel McRea and Veronica Lake, about a rich man who decides to be a bum for a while and takes to the rails with a quarter in his pocket. Hilarity ensues.

  3. Ann Says:

    Sullivan in Sullivan’s Travels wasn’t just a rich guy – he was a director who planned to make a movie about the downtrodden poor. Wasn’t his planned epic called “Brother, Where Art Thou?” ? And wasn’t this the inspiration for the George Clooney movie of that name?

  4. frothy Says:

    I didn’t remember that was the name of the movie, but yes and yes – the Coen brothers snagged it from Sullivan’s Travels.

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