Pee, pee, pee on a movie

Defamer has an interesting post about a mad scary trend: advertisements at the bottom of urinals. Oh, but not only are there ads, they TALK. They speaketh at you whilst you whizz on them – go see our film, they whine. And you stand there, whizzing away, because you have no choice – those Coronas went right through you.

Read the post there and you’ll see there are plans to put the talking ads in toilet seats, too. That’s right, ladies, you’re not getting away that easy.

But, see, this is only the beginning. Movie ads? Pfft. Old news already. Next, you’ll see ads for all kinds of products. Imagine sitting there, doing your bidness, and you hear a voice telling you to buy Charmin brand toilet paper. Or a pleasant lil imploring you to switch to their brand of douche. Hey, it’s possible. It’s more than possible. It’s coming.


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