Metapost: Name change

For a while, I was going by the tagline “We watch ’em so you don’t have to.” Quite original, right? Sure. This morning, I did a Google search on “so you don’t have to” and found that it’s used millions of times. Millions!

So, since I also wanted a distinct name for the blog part of things (that’s this page), I decided to come up with something new.

The blog’s now called Frothy Ruminations. Frothy because I’m sometimes frothing at the mouth at stupid movies. Ruminations because, well, they’re thoughts, and “ruminations” sounds quite elegant.

It’s possible that someday I’ll change the name of the whole shebang. But not now. No, now I’m going to ruminate.


Got a bunch of blockbuster sequel movies coming up this summer, don’t we? There’s Superman, X-Men, Pirates of the Caribbean, probably others. There’s always a group of people who rail against BIG MOVIES, as if their mere existence was responsible for the downfall of culture as we know it. Silly, I say! There are just some movies that look better on the big screen, and most of those happen to be blockbustery. Just because everyone likes it doesn’t mean the movie’s crappy.

Sometimes it does, though. Apparently M:I-3 didn’t do well at all at ye olde boxe office. Hmm. Note to self – do not jump on couches before premiere of MM:TM.


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