192 – The Chronicles of Riddick

In this follow up to Pitch Black (2000), criminal-on-the-run Riddick (Vin Diesel) finds himself in the middle of a crusade of by the Necromongers, led by the Lord Marshall (Colm Feore), who wishes to convert – or kill – all on the planet of Helion Prime.

As we learned in Pitch Black – which was set five years prior to the events in this movie – Riddick can see perfectly in the dark. Which comes in handy on this planet, which is in darkness most of the time. By his side is Kyra (Alexa Davalos), who was named Jack in the first movie, who’s been imprisoned deep in the bowels of the planet. Will Riddick be able to bust her out and stop the Necromongers? As Elemental Aereon (Judi Dench) says, sometimes you have to fight evil with a different kind of evil. Enter Master Riddick.

The action never lags, and the special effects are magnificent, really much better than I thought they’d be. As with any other action/adventure/sci-fi hodge-podge, the plot might not stand up to close scrutiny, but my interest was surely held over its two-hour running time, which is no mean feat. Diesel may not be John Wayne (yet), but he’s got this role down pat already. Dench adds class where class is needed (although she’s not on screen enough), and Feore makes a suitable villain. This movie is sort of a low-rent version of the Star Wars movies. It’ll entertain, but don’t expect it to knock your socks

The Chronicles of Riddick: ***


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