23 – Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigalo

In a never-ending parade of movies starring ex-Saturday Night Live players, there have been blockbusters and there have been bozos. Unfortunately, the bozos (It’s Pat, Dirty Work) have outnumbered the blockbusters (Most of Adam Sandler’s stuff). It’s a time-tested formula – you take an actor who has built up a strong appeal on a television series and give him a starring role in a movie. Hey, anyone remember Lost and Found, with David Spade? I didn’t think so.

Anyway, the plot here – such as it is – it relatively simple to follow for those of you who find Teletubbies too taxing on the ol’ noodle. Seems Deuce Bigalow (Rob Schneider) is a down-and-out aquarium cleaner/fish expert. He’s on an assignment at a plush home, and manages to find out the rich owner has earned his living by being a gigalo. Whoa! Shock and surprise registers on ol’ Deuce’s face! So naturally the dude’s priceless fish (which he doesn’t even appreciate) are sick, and naturally he enlists Our Hero to fish-sit while he goes on a job trip overseas. And also naturally, Deuce manages to destroy the fella’s fish tank while he’s gone. What to do, what to do! Ah, Our Hero answers the phone dazedly and finds it’s a call for a job – a gigalo job. So he goes and actually winds up with some cash – $10. “Say,” you can almost hear him wondering, “maybe I should become a man-whore!” And he does, with the help of a he-pimp (Eddie Griffin). And let the money roll in!

Okay, so it’s not the most promising of premises. And okay, maybe Schneider isn’t the acting heavyweight you’d like to see in a slapstick comedy. And maybe the movie’s ending is a little too neat. And maybe it’s dumb and predictable and all that jazz. Are these any reason not to see it? Well sure they are. And if you want to plunk down $3.50 to watch dreck, then this is the movie for you! Don’t think, just put it in the VCR and let the vegetating begin!

(By the way – isn’t the title repetitive??? Aren’t all gigalos male?)

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigalo: 4


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