22 – Road Trip

Picture Porky’s, that 80’s bastion of teen raunch comedies and bane of parents. Now picture Porky’s – and all of its rotten ripoffs and knock-offs – with an actual plot, one that’s full of raw wit, unbridled enthusiasm for just having fun, and a genuine love for shocking its audience with intelligence. That’s the heart of Road Trip, this year’s American Pie.

Oh sure, there’s a lot of salty language. Oh yes, and some damn good nakedness too. And there’s fun with animals, and voyeurism, and frat parties, and anal pleasures, and more nakedness, and…and…and…

Ooops! Sorry, got carried away for a moment there. Not everyone’s going to like this movie, but I sure did. While I watched it in the theatre, I actually said to the guy next to me, “This is the funniest movie I have ever seen.” Well, I might have exaggerated that a little bit, but there are a lot of masterfully funny scenes.

So what’s the plot, anyway? Seems Josh made a pact with his girlfriend to not see other people while each is away at college – and they’re not at the same college, either. Well, here it is, the end of the semester, and poor Josh is weakening. When E.L. throws a massive end-of-the-year party, Josh goes and has a wild time with a gorgeous, sensitive, damn-fine-catch named Beth. Which wouldn’t be so bad, maybe, except Beth wanted to VIDEOTAPE it. And that in itself might not be so bad, either (you kind of have to leave your morals at the door here, folks), except Josh has been sending these “I Love You” (no, not the virus) videos to his geographically displaced sweetie. And earlier in the day, he had been taping just such a message, then asked his pal Rubin to mail it for him when it rewound, since he (Josh) was late for class. Well – enough exposition – you can see what happened! Rubin mailed the illicit Beth video!

And there you have the premise of this Road Trip. You see, Josh’s darling doesn’t go to a local school – he’s in a school on Long Island, New York; she’s in Texas. So Josh decides to drive there. You may ask, as pal E.L. did, why not fly? Well hey, we’re talking college kids here. They don’t exactly have the disposable income of a plane ticket. So off he goes, in a car provided by another pal, the geeky Kyle, and accompanied by E.L. and Rubin.

So what develops is an endless supply of hilarious I-Love-Lucy situations, the kind of situations that normally seem incongruous with real life. You know – something wacky happens, then something WACKIER happens, and you see this in a movie and think, “Hey! That would NEVER happen in real life! This movie sucks!” And you know what? A lot of the stuff that happens to our fearless foursome does seem awfully odd; but oddly enough, it doesn’t seem contrived. I could actually picture a lot of that happening to me.

Oh, I knew there was something else I needed to mention – Tom Green’s in this. If you’re a fan of his show, you’ll enjoy his completely deranged performance. If you’re not a fan, you’ll still love it. Green seems to fit in perfectly in this movie, with those doleful eyes belying a sensitive wit and razor-sharp mind.

If you watch this movie, prepare to laugh your ass off. But only if you’re open-minded about it. Then again, I guess there won’t be too many straightlaced, proper-and-prim folks in the theater ogling all the hot women in the movie, either. I’d have to think the same hipster set that loved last year’s American Pie will be all over this gem.

Road Trip:7


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