3 – The Limey

If you haven’t heard of this movie, maybe you’ve heard of the lead actor, Terence Stamp, who was in Billy Budd back in 1962 and most recently seen in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, in which he played a transsexual. Stamp, an acclaimed British actor, here plays a Cockney old boy bent on finding out who caused his estranged daughter to die and exacting revenge on them.

So what’s the movie really about? Tough to say, really. In some ways, it’s a lot like just about any other revenge movie you’ve seen (remember Mel Gibson in Payback?), but in other ways it’s just off-kilter enough to set itself apart from standard-issue action movies. Stamp’s character, Wilson, is tough to understand, so that alone might be enough to turn off viewers, but at least the movie itself makes note of that, as several characters ask him what in the hell he’s saying. I think it’s always a good sign when a movie is smart enough to make fun of itself and not take itself so seriously, especially when the movie is a mindless action movie. Sadly, however, the action portion of this movie is a little lacking, as if someone took a giant twisty straw and sucked all of the volatility out of it. Sure, Wilson’s bent on revenge, and you can all now shrug your shoulders as you all say, “So?” I’m with you on that, and I just saw the damn thing. The good news is that since this was directed by the same guy who did Out of Sight with George Clooney, the direction really is an asset. Not enough of an asset, unfortunately, to offset some of the duller moments, and of course no amount of able direction can overcome the “Huh?” factor induced by a moribund script.

PRO: Good camerawork, good performance by Stamp, good direction.

CON: Dull for an action movie, motivations are cloudy, and that Cockney accent needs translating

The Limey: 5


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