American Pie

You know, when I was a lad in the eighties, the big deal for us teens was Porky’s (and its two sequels). In that film, set in Florida in the 1950s, a group of horny high school kids tries their very best to lose their individual virginity as soon as possible.

You can consider American Pie an update of Porky’s, except that it’s a LOT funnier while still retaining all of that raunch. The hook for Porky’s was that you got to see a little nudity, which was a big deal to a teenager in the early eighties. Pie surpasses the raunch and adds dollops of good, solid, vivid, and (especially) authentic characterizations. While the kids in Porky’s were fairly stereotypical, the kids in Pie are…. well, typical, really.

Of course, some things never change, and the driving force of the story in Pie is that males just wanna get laid, while females want it to be just right. The movie also tackles such issues as true love, masturbation (male and female), pornography, sex toys, orgasms (male and female), older women, and even diarrhea! Quite a lot to cram into 90 minutes, but not only does the film not skip a beat while delivering these goods, it does so with such honesty that you’ll very rarely see in a so-called teen film of the late nineties. And I’m pretty sure it’s the only film ever to tackle the all-important issue of sex with pastry!

(Side note: Good to see Thomas Ian Nicholas, from Rookie of the Year, a little more grown up – so to speak!)

American Pie: ***


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